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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 21, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> the giants at it again. history making run in the playoffs and why tomorrow night's game 7 might be delayed. a school sex scandal in the east bay. what is a fantasy sex league and how the community is reacting? >> last night was an extremely bizarre event. >> naked men decapitated animals and a house on fire. the odd events that led to an officer killing and led to one of the man. we begin tonight with the giants. survived another elimination game. >> game over. game 7 tomorrow night. >> that's right. we're getting ready for a winner take all game. san francisco tomorrow night. this is the 5th time the giants have won annie
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elimination game this post season. dennis is at at&t park. it was all about ryan and the enchiladas. >> reporter: you got it. pregame meal is becoming common knowledge throughout the bay area and as you mentioned the right hander, five straight wins now for the giants while facing elimination. and a one game recall of 7 innings one run baseball. tonight he topped that. struck out in the first inning. one of nine punch outs which was a career high. didn't take long to get on the board. drives in a run with a double to the wall. 4-0 giants. they win 6-1 and force game 7 to 7 tomorrow night. just an incredible ride as it continues. brilliant tonight. can matt cane win game
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7? we'll have game day coming up. >> looking forward to that thanks. it's no surprise the giants have taken over twitter in the past few days. started with rally zito in game 5. tonight it was about rally vogie. and already trending rally cane and for game 7 starter. and with game 6 in the books, giant's fans can exhale a little until tomorrow's winner take all game. don is at at&t park with fans who are happy their team is playing tomorrow night. >> reporter: giants retire at the top of the 9th taking game 6 staying alive and fans so exstatic they can hardly control themselves. . >> they don't know how to lose. they stick with it . they are
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the best. awesome. little bit of torture but it was the best. >> the giants come back was quite literally awesome. >> cardinals, they lost it in the second. it was gone. there was no coming back. >> second inning was amazing. >> and vogel pitched phenomenal game. >> most fans let their emotions do the talking. >> [ screaming ] >> hard to believe, there were cardinals fans in the stands too. >> rough one tonight. game 7 we're planning on coming back. come back cards. >> it's been amazing. been a come back from behind type post season. and game 7 is going to be a great time. >> reporter: and that is just a sample of the craziness you are likely to see if the giants win game 7. did i say if? when the giants win game #. >> thank you. >> now, there is some concern
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though that weather could play a roll in tomorrow night's game. let's check in with julie. >> i can tell you this much. probably not going to be a rain out. but you may be a little uncomfortable. let's go ahead and talk about what's moving in right now. showers already starting to make their way inland. and we will continue to see those showers move in over the next couple hours and really heaviest rainfall tomorrow morning. so here's the showers moving in. heaviest rainfall, highest winds tomorrow morning just in time for that morning commute. it is likely going to cause headaches on the roadways tomorrow. the first rain of the season with slick roadways and high winds and going to be a tough morning commute. will the giants play tomorrow. will they be rained out? no. take a look at future cast. you can see popcorn like cloud structure is indicative of cold air. you might be chilly and
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uncomfortable. could see scattered showers but all in all not going to be a rain out. full forecast coming up in just a bit. timeout those winds and rains more for you. >> the giants win, nobody is going to care about the weather. thanks. administrators at an east bay high school just found out what many students have known for years. top athletes are taking part in a fantasy sex league. cbs 5 reporter on how the league went public and why school officials can't punish anyone. >> reporter: piedmont high school's motto: achieve the honorable. but just the opposite with news some varsity athletes have been running a fantasy sex league. >> it's pretty disgusting and not proud to have that be a part of my old high school. in a letter to parents, administrators found out about the sex league after a date rape assembly. been around five to
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six years as a bonding activity. he wrote he is surprised and sorry to hear about the fantasy slut league where students are drafted and male students earn points. some students say it's an open secret at school. others say they had no clue. >> it's kind of sad. >> it so you knows like personally stupidity for me. >> his son is an athlete who do not take part in the league. >> the school found out is good and the school has taken steps is good. >> administrators investigated but did not identify any participants of the league by name so none will be disciplined. some students expressed kerp that any penalty could affect college applications. but some say there should be consequences. >> this is morally not a right thing to do. and it's pretty disgusting. you know, whether it affects your college applications, you were part of this. you asked for it, i
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guess. >> superintendent said in an e-mail today, this is a matter of school and family working together to support our teens to make good choices and treat each other with respect ask dignity. >> just want to make sure i wasn't part of it at all. and wanted to know i knew it was wrong at all. the school will have an assembly to talk about why the league is wrong followed by discussions in class and sports team will have talks about integrity and sportsmanship. cbs 5. >> new details tonight in a deadly mass shooting at a wisconsin mall. 45-year-old opened fire at a day spa killing three people and wounding four others. police chief says the search ended a short time later. >> the one suspect we believe is responsible for the shootings today is deceased. we believe
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it to be self inflicted gunshot wound. we are not, i repeat, are not seeking any additional suspects. >> his wife works at the salon and got a restraining order against her husband. not yet known if she's among the victims. a bizarre chain of events turned deadly in a vallejo neighborhood. police got a report of two men arguing and trying to burn their house down on alameda street. what happened next. >> reporter: this fire was just the finale of a wild night at this home. in the end, three birds were decapitated and a man who lived here was shot and killed by police. >> last night was bizarre event. >> first got rrts of someone breaking windows. they found two naked men in their late 20s who appeared to be hallucinating. >> it's like a nightmare.
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your next door neighbor turns into a crazy person. >> when police confronted one of men, he pointed a rifle at them so police shot him. he died soon after. the other man is now under arrest. >> police believe that one or both of these naked men was under the influence of some sort of controlled substance. they say the rifle was pointed at them was loaded. >> police stood outside of the home, guns drawn not knowing if anyone else might be lurking about. they found a gruesome site. >> located a blood trail leading into the backyard of the home where three animals were found to be decapitated. some sort of ritual act taking place. >> neighbors have their own tales. i was freaked out. i thought potentially the fire could spread on to our house. >> the gunshots and everything. it doesn't surprise me. >> police are waiting for
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toxicology reports. the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. cbs 5. >> this is the vallejo police department's 10 officer involved shooting and 6th ending in a death. you are looking at a live picture of the san mateo bridge closed for upgrades and repairs. work is way ahead of schedule. and good news for drivers in more ways than one. crews won't need to close the bridge next weekend. they are replacing 60 feet of road deck to make it safer. and they are also replacing a joint that developed a crack in it two years ago. the bridge will reopen tomorrow morning at 5:00. to avoid traffic getting around the bridge closure, head to our web site. click on current traffic conditions on the front page. president obama and mitt
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romney are getting ready for final debate more than 24 hours from now. what they are doing to make sure they have the right answers. >> from the strike -- why it took her two days to realize what it was.
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democratic candidate for president in 19-72 -- has d. former senator who is the democratic candidate for president in 1972 has died. a decorated world war ii hero was a fierce opponent because he knew firsthand what war could
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be. he tried to make the water gate scandal but the liberal could not escape mistakes in his own campaign. he was 90. tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for next month's election and tomorrow's also the final time we'll see the presidential candidates square off in a debate. daniel tells us it's all about foreign policy. >> mitt romney took a break in florida to watch staffers take on the media in a flag football game. said he had strategy for victory. >> figure out which of the players is best and take them out. the debates help make this race a dead heat. >> the president who created this image in some voters that was knocked down in that first debate but now what's becoming apparent is that the president has no plan for the next four years.
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>> aides for the president say he does have a plan. >> mitt romney ought to come out and come to some of our rallies. and listen to what the president say. >> third and final match up between the presidential candidates. the focus will be on foreign policy. >> sunday, 50 students won a ticket to see the debate in person. pamela got lucky. >> i'm just so excited. i'm about to cry . i'm so excited. >> this 41-year-old single mother is back in college. she's looking for specifics from the candidates but thinks the president has the edge this time around. >> i think he's going to do awesome. i think he knows what he's talking about. overall, foreign policy is his thing. >> topic monday are expected to include the attack on the u.s. consulate and nuclear tensions with iran. cbs news, florida. >> and you can watch the debate
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live tomorrow on cbs 5 starting at 6:00 p.m. some good news for drivers tonight. at least outside of the bay area. the price of gas nationwide has dropped more than 8 cents over the last two weeks. the average cost of regular unleaded is now $3.75. diesel dropped 3 cents. but san francisco is the costly averaging $4.51. expecting rain tomorrow. complete forecast for us now. >> showers have already begun to move in. rain is officially here. take a look at high def doppler. we can go straight to the weather computer. you'll see north bay moving on in through the bay area. here's a live look outside at a dry roadway. and here's a look at your high def doppler. i'm going to zoom in and take a
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closer look. notice here how we're noticing to see hours make their way in into the east bay. a lot of this not all of the hitting the ground. we will be seeing these showers on the ground. by the time you head out for monday morning commute. here's what to expect throughout the evening and into tomorrow morning. that high pressure is keeping us nice and sunny and clear. that's pushed off to our south. this storm system that's moving on in making for a wet and windy morning commute. the good news is the heaviest rain is short lived. late morning pushes off to our south. behind the front however cool air and scattered showers remaining for the next couple days. again, there is some of the heaviest rainfall around 7:00. this is the first significant rain in about six months. you are going to find slick roadways. gusty winds this could be pretty
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treacherous in some areas. scattered showers and cooler air tuesday on into wednesday. can't rule out a stray shower wednesday. but the bulk should die down by wednesday. in terms of rainfall totals, how much will you say? north bay going to see the most. inch and a half. and down to the south bay, many folks going to struggle to see a quarter of an inch. rain totals will vary. higher elevations seeing the highest totals. winds tomorrow, around 7:00, gusty winds up to 20 miles per hour. liver more combine this with the heaviest rain and concerns for the morning commute. evening commute and right around game time, here are the winds you are looking at. breezy and not nearly as windy for tomorrow morning. winter storm warning in affect. snow totals above 7,000 feet between 10 and 18 inches. snow levels reaching 4500 feet for the lower elevations. could see a scheme
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just in time for halloween. couple of the slopes might be able to open. staying cool. upper 50s for na pa, fremont, san jose. struggle to get into the 60s. and your five day forecast shows the heaviest rain and highest winds tomorrow. temperatures staying cool. and then we gradually start to warm and keep cool temperatures and scattered showers tuesday and wednesday, thursday and friday start to warm things up. mild and more dry this weekend. >> looks good. thank you much. when a fire ball streaked across the bay area skies on wednesday night, traced path and thought there could be fragments somewhere in the north bay. turned out they were right. shows us how the treasure hunt ended. >> glad it was real. >> lisa's house was unusually quiet wednesday night because
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the giant's game was in a ray delay. >> i hear this boom boom boom like something hit the roof. and i'm thinking that's odd. i have no overhanging trees. >> two days later she read an article about the meteor seen and videotaped. she remembered the thump on her roof and decide today look around. i saw one thing. i thought if that's it great. if not, i'm done. and sure enough that's what it was. >> dr. peter says this is a piece from the flaming fire ball. he helped track the path capturing the image on an array of video cameras. this is only the 20th ever found with a known trajectory helping scientists determine the place of origin. >> this is a souvenir of old past. photo album that tells us what happened this time when the system that was born. >> just because they were able to track doesn't mean they were going to find a piece of the
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rock. most of this area is rural open land. >> there was some population and buildings. wear really watching it -- we're really watching it. we learned about it. >> he's hoping others will search their neighborhoods between san rafael and sonoma. anything out of the ordinary. check it out. >> you never know what you might find. after all, who would have guessed that the search for intelligent life would lead to a backyard in nevado. cbs 5. >> and the homeowner who found the rock gets to keep it. she has already decided to give it to her next door neighbor's son as a birthday gift. it was his birthday the day the rock landed on her roof. record breaking ground breaking in the south bay. how long before the new home is
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"paranormal activity" horror franchise was tops at the bx office this weekend. but its opening weekend take was far below its prequels. installment of the paranormal activity tops the box office this weekend. opening weekend take was far below. $30 million. argo continues strong in second weekend with more than $16 million. rounded off the top five. san jose soccer fans broke ground for new stadium today and broke a world record in the process. more than 6,000 people what will become the new home in the san jose plates. that was more than enough to set a new world record foreground breaking. teams who have never been to a final got their own
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stadium. two championship. doesn't make sense. >> the franchise was founded in 1974 and never had a permanent home. the funded stadium is expected to open in two years. >> live at at&t park. on the field for game 7. we'll tell you what happened in game 6 as well as the raiders story next.
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welcome back, everybody to at&t. the rain has begun falling. the tarp is on the field. the giants trying to avoid elimination for the second straight game. the orange towel waving fans. ryan so good in
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this one. he goes 7 striking out 9. giants are 1-0 in the second. ground ball to short. can't handle it. brandon scores to make it 2-0 san francisco. then make it 2-0 giants. marco rips a double to left. that scores 2. 4-0 san francisco. they led 5-0 after two. surge flies out and giants 6-1 to force a game 7 tomorrow night. how about the raiders and jaguars. that ties the game at 23. the game will go to overtime. sets up 0 yard field goal. perfect. the raiders rally 14 to down in the third to win 26-23 in overtime. game 7 tomorrow. >> we'll see you at 11:00 on
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cbs 5. good night. blood pressure
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